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April 2014 USB Rankings

We highlight the best USB flash drive in terms of balanced performance and value for money using price, sequential read, sequential write , 4k read and 4k write speed. The speeds are combined to form a single effective speed which measures performance for tasks such as copying photos, music and videos. Effective speed is adjusted by price and capacity to yield value for money. Finally thousands of individual user ratings are used to validate our benchmark figures. Vote to share your opinion. [USBFlashPro]

User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison.
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Why is bigger better?

Larger capacity drives often have higher write speeds... more

What is effective USB Flash Drive speed?

A measure of how responsive a Flash Drive is to typical user access patterns... more

Do dimensions matter?

Sometimes flash drives can obstruct adjacent USB ports on your computer... more

File system considerations?

FAT32 is more portable but NTFS is both more secure and works with individual files larger than 4GB... more

What is the Flash Drive value for money rating?

A measure of real world Flash Drive performance and capacity per unit cost... more

How do you install an OS from a USB flash drive?

Use a utility to create a bootable USB then set your BIOS to boot from it... more

Why should USB 2.0 Flash Drives be avoided?

USB 3.0 is the future aware choice in today's market... more

What are the main factors to look out for?

Speed, price, capacity, USB version and weight... more

What is AS SSD real world copy speed?

The speed at which files can be copied from from one directory to another on the same drive... more

What is 4K random read speed?

A measure of how quickly multiple small files can be read from a device... more

What is 4K random write speed?

A measure of how quickly multiple small files can be written to a device... more

What is sequential write speed?

A measure of how quickly large files can be written to a device... more

Effective Speed?
Effective Speed?
SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 16GB
The benchmark scores for the SanDisk Extreme were stunning. Until now every flash drive we have tested has shown a serious weakness in the area of 4K random writes. ...
61.1 %15th116 MB/s14th196 MB/s12th62 MB/s24th22 Months41st
SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB
For real world usability this is currently the best 64GB flash drive. It doesn't have the fastest headline sequential speeds but it has a very balanced performance p...
100 %1st148 MB/s5th197 MB/s11th188 MB/s3rd22 Months41st
SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 32GB
The 16GB Sandisk Extreme has led my USB 3.0 Flash drive group test since it was released back in Jun '12. Often with flash based devices, write speed scales linearly...
83.1 %2nd133 MB/s9th202 MB/s8th117 MB/s8th22 Months41st
Transcend JetFlash 780 USB 3.0 16GB
We really like this drive, it's one of our favourites. The JetFlash 780 has superb benchmark scores, at 170 MB/s this drive has the highest sequential read score we ...
35 %49th95.6 MB/s25th170 MB/s23rd39 MB/s43rd27 Months53rd
Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 USB 3.0 16GB
We like the Kingston Datatraveler R3.0 a lot. It has an extremely well-rounded performance profile, rock solid construction, good real world performance and comes at...
34.1 %54th60.6 MB/s45th95.9 MB/s46th47.4 MB/s36th22 Months41st
Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.0 16GB
This is one of the Kingston's newest flash drives and yet another drive from Kingston with no claimed read or write speeds on the official documentation, not an enco...
29.2 %62nd34.7 MB/s79th62.6 MB/s78th9.9 MB/s89th12 Months12th
Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 64GB
The 64GB Jumpdrive P10 is Lexar's 2013 upgrade to their flagship Triton range of flash drives. The P10 shares the same excellent body as the Triton and delivers actu...
60.4 %16th177 MB/s2nd235 MB/s3rd231 MB/s1st11 Months4th
Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 32GB
The 32GB Jumpdrive P10 is one of the fastest flash drives I have seen in 2013. The P10 has exactly the same, superb, physical construction as its predecessor, the Ju...
62.3 %14th181 MB/s1st250 MB/s1st215 MB/s2nd11 Months4th
Kingston DataTraveler HyperX USB 3.0 64GB
Because of its fantastic headline read/write speeds, there is often a lot of interest in this drive. It's not available in 16GB so I couldn't include it in the stand...
74.8 %5th160 MB/s3rd247 MB/s2nd141 MB/s6th29 Months64th
Corsair Flash Survivor USB 3.0 16GB
The Flash Survivor is twice both the size and weight of most flash drives. This drive would be as well suited to smuggling diamonds as it is to carrying mp3's and wo...
18.3 %84th45.5 MB/s66th77 MB/s63rd21 MB/s66th29 Months64th
Lexar JumpDrive Triton USB 3.0 16GB
The JumpDrive Triton has superb benchmark scores, it pretty much topped out in every single category. This kind of across the board performance is so rare that there...
27 %65th112 MB/s16th169 MB/s24th106 MB/s10th27 Months53rd
Adata S102 Pro USB 3.0 16GB
The Adata S102 Pro is a reasonable flash drive. Physically it has a reasonably compact form unlike its older sibling the N005 Nobility. In terms of performance the d...
29.2 %63rd51.9 MB/s51st90 MB/s51st23 MB/s63rd30 Months69th
Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 16GB
The 16GB Jumpdrive P10 decimates the existing sequential write speed records. With a sequential write speed of 161 MB/s the P10 is 52% faster than the current record...
42.7 %40th152 MB/s4th219 MB/s7th161 MB/s5th11 Months4th
Transcend JetFlash 760 USB 3.0 32GB
41.8 %41st52 MB/s50th82.7 MB/s54th40.1 MB/s42nd30 Months69th
Silicon Power Blaze B20 USB 3.0 32GB
57.6 %18th75.1 MB/s32nd121 MB/s32nd55 MB/s26th12 Months12th
Transcend JetFlash 700 USB 3.0 16GB
We are a bit disappointed with this drive, our expectations were sky high but poor Crystalmark & ATTO benchmark results have let us down. We have only managed to...
19.4 %82nd29.8 MB/s85th50 MB/s83rd17 MB/s76th40 Months88th
Patriot Supersonic Boost XT USB 3.0 16GB
The Supersonic boost has an interesting performance profile. The drive put in an excellent performance in the random 4K write test where it significantly outperforme...
24.3 %73rd46.1 MB/s63rd82 MB/s55th19 MB/s73rd25 Months52nd
Lacie RuggedKey USB 3.0 16GB
We like this drive, it has the highest sequential read speed we have seen to date and the remainder of its performance profile is also respectable. At 198 MB/s the r...
26.8 %67th111 MB/s18th198 MB/s10th45 MB/s38th20 Months32nd
Verbatim Store n Go V3 USB 3.0 16GB
The Store n Go had a quirky performance profile. For its price the drive shone in the CrystalDiskMark and ATTO tests but the AS-SSD real world speed test revealed th...
44.3 %35th52.5 MB/s49th81 MB/s58th45 MB/s38th23 Months47th
Kingston DataTraveler SE9 USB 2.0 16GB
USB 2.0 is old tech, so in terms of performance this drive is less than half as fast as its USB 3.0 counterparts. Interestingly the 4K write speed is reasonable at 0...
10.7 %93rd10.2 MB/s94th16.9 MB/s94th5.56 MB/s94th28 Months63rd
Verbatim Store n Go V3 Max USB 3.0 32GB
The 16GB version of the V3 Max has good potential thanks to its outstanding read/write speeds of 175/80 MBps. At the 32GB capacity the V3 Max is no longer as attract...
49.3 %27th108 MB/s21st175 MB/s19th80 MB/s19th11 Months4th
Silicon Power Marvel M01 USB 3.0 16GB
36 %48th51.3 MB/s52nd94.8 MB/s47th10.9 MB/s88th32 Months77th
Transcend JetFlash 760 USB 3.0 16GB
The JetFlash 760 is not particulary well built, it rattles when you shake it and the plastic feels cheap and hollow. In terms of performance the drive is just below ...
25 %71st47.4 MB/s60th80 MB/s60th26 MB/s52nd30 Months69th
Lexar JumpDrive S23 USB 3.0 16GB
The Lexar S23 is an extremely interesting value proposition. The sequential read/write speeds of 100/30 MBps are very respectable considering the exceptionally low p...
49.1 %28th64.1 MB/s42nd111 MB/s37th29.9 MB/s51st15 Months20th
Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 64GB
The 64 GB Flash Voyager GT has an impressive performance profile. You wouldn't know it without checking the serial numbers but Corsair have released several variants...
80.7 %3rd139 MB/s8th220 MB/s5th105 MB/s11th21 Months38th
Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 16GB
Physically the Flash Voyager is longer and wider than most drives, it has a very solid and safe feel to it thanks to its somewhat oversized rubber casing. In terms o...
26.1 %69th46.4 MB/s62nd79 MB/s62nd22 MB/s65th36 Months84th
Sony Micro Vault Mach USB 3.0 16GB
We had high expectations for this drive, unfortunately we were slightly disappointed. On the positive side the drive has excellent sequential read speeds, but the pe...
29 %64th72.3 MB/s35th130 MB/s28th24 MB/s58th27 Months53rd
Lacie XtremKey USB 3.0 64GB
54.6 %23rd146 MB/s6th220 MB/s5th140 MB/s7th15 Months20th
Corsair Flash Voyager GT Turbo USB 3.0 64GB
This could have been a serious contender in the high speed USB 3.0 arena. On paper at least, with 260/220 MB/s read/write speeds, this drive would have had the highe...
69.1 %11th139 MB/s7th232 MB/s4th82 MB/s18th15 Months20th
Lexar JumpDrive Triton USB 3.0 32GB
The 16GB version of this drive currently ranks 4/27 in my USB 3.0 flash drive group test. The 32GB version has the same great aesthetics as its 16GB sibling but due ...
38.2 %46th113 MB/s15th167 MB/s25th115 MB/s9th27 Months53rd
Hama Probo USB 3.0 16GB
The Hama Probo is a great all round flash drive with above average performance. The retractable mechanism is good and it's both small and light. In terms of value fo...
22.4 %77th45.1 MB/s67th71 MB/s71st36 MB/s47th30 Months69th
Patriot Supersonic Rage XT USB 3.0 32GB
The Rage XT offers above average read performance but, like several of the other USB 3.0 flash drives we have reviewed, it has an asymmetrical performance profile wh...
56.8 %20th101 MB/s23rd176 MB/s18th49 MB/s30th20 Months32nd
Lexar JumpDrive S73 USB 3.0 16GB
The JumpDrive S73 is very light, weighing just 9 grams it's one of the lightest flash drives we have seen. From a performance perspective the JetFlash S73 is disappo...
17.8 %85th29.5 MB/s86th46 MB/s85th21 MB/s66th27 Months53rd
Lexar JumpDrive S23 USB 3.0 32GB
The 16GB version of the Lexar s23 has superb potential thanks to its decent read/write speeds of 100/30 MBps, an outstanding 4k random write speed of 1.1 MBps and it...
57.1 %19th67.8 MB/s37th110 MB/s38th48 MB/s32nd15 Months20th
Transcend JetFlash 700 USB 3.0 64GB
45 %33rd46.7 MB/s61st81.7 MB/s57th22.8 MB/s64th40 Months88th
Adata Nobility N005 Pro USB 3.0 16GB
Despite a very strong sequential read speed of 153 MB/s, we are disappointed with this drive. Given its high price point we expect a more symmetrical read/write perf...
22.1 %78th83.9 MB/s28th153 MB/s26th24 MB/s58th44 Months92nd
Lexar JumpDrive Triton USB 3.0 64GB
Around 15 months ago, when the 64GB Triton was released, it had one of the highest write speeds (177 MB/s) available on a consumer flash drive. Despite its great seq...
55 %22nd131 MB/s10th171 MB/s22nd177 MB/s4th27 Months53rd
Silicon Power Blaze B10 USB 3.0 16GB
We are disappointed with this drive, its performance is only approximately 50% higher than an average USB 2.0 drive and its not priced particularly aggressively. The...
16.4 %87th29.1 MB/s87th46 MB/s85th20 MB/s70th32 Months77th
Transcend JetFlash 810 USB 3.0 16GB
I have not done a full review of this drive but given its relatively rare positioning as a Rugged USB 3.0 drive, the first drive I put it head to head with, based in...
24.4 %72nd40.5 MB/s75th75 MB/s69th12 MB/s82nd13 Months16th
Patriot Supersonic Xpress USB 3.0 16GB
The Supersonic Xpress has a great physical form, the innovative retractable design features a spring loaded back which snaps into place very satisfyingly, it's tempt...
16.7 %86th39.5 MB/s76th63 MB/s77th25 MB/s55th33 Months82nd
Transcend JetFlash 700 USB 3.0 32GB
42.7 %39th45.6 MB/s65th72.2 MB/s70th35.6 MB/s49th40 Months88th
Adata S107 USB 3.0 16GB
Read = 100 MB/s / Write = 22 MB/s = Value rating = 5.5 ( Value is total MB/s per £ ) Weight = 13.6 g L = 8.1 W = 2.5 H = 0.9. Pros: The keyring fastener wont break,...
23 %75th60.1 MB/s46th105 MB/s42nd24 MB/s58th27 Months53rd
33 %58th33.3 MB/s82nd45.9 MB/s87th36.9 MB/s45th27 Months53rd
Patriot Supersonic Magnum USB 3.0 64GB
Once upon a time this was one of the best USB 3.0 drives available... Asof today it's close to the bottom of the pack on just about every objective performance crite...
48.7 %29th88.1 MB/s27th128 MB/s30th93 MB/s14th34 Months83rd
45.2 %32nd53.6 MB/s47th82 MB/s55th47.8 MB/s35th22 Months41st
Sony Micro Vault Click USB 3.0 16GB
The Micro Vault Click has a claimed read speed of up to 82 MB/s, no official figure for write speed is offered by Sony, usually a bad sign. User reviews indicate tha...
19.4 %81st34.5 MB/s80th62.6 MB/s78th13 MB/s79th19 Months31st
38.8 %44th48.3 MB/s57th71 MB/s71st49 MB/s30th22 Months41st
Adata DashDrive Elite S102 Pro USB 3.0 32GB
The Adata Dashdrive Elite S102 Pro 32GB has proven to be a popular USB 3.0 flash drive. I did a full review of the 16GB version back in August 2012 and little has ch...
50.8 %26th66.2 MB/s40th110 MB/s38th37.9 MB/s44th39 Months85th
73.1 %6th108 MB/s19th186 MB/s15th54.2 MB/s27th21 Months38th
69.7 %9th103 MB/s22nd180 MB/s16th48 MB/s32nd44 Months92nd
Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB 3.0 32GB
The 32GB Datatraveler G4 has a below average performance profile for a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive but it's priced aggressively so it still represents reasonable value ...
66.7 %12th47.5 MB/s59th77 MB/s63rd32 MB/s50th6 Months2nd
Kingmax Pop Series USB 3.0 16GB
We are concerned about the reliability of the Kingmax Pop Series flash drives. We had to repeat several of our tests due to unknown I/O errors. The drive performed w...
34.3 %53rd52.9 MB/s48th93 MB/s48th21 MB/s66th29 Months64th
Transcend JetFlash 810 USB 3.0 32GB
34.5 %52nd49.1 MB/s55th85 MB/s52nd24 MB/s58th13 Months16th
37 %47th48.2 MB/s58th90.4 MB/s50th12 MB/s81st30 Months69th
Lexar JumpDrive S23 USB 3.0 64GB
The 16GB version of the Lexar s23 has superb potential thanks to its decent read/write speeds of 100/30 MBps, an outstanding 4k random write speed of 0.6 MBps and it...
59.4 %17th63.4 MB/s43rd102 MB/s45th47 MB/s37th15 Months20th
Verbatim Store n Go V3 USB 3.0 32GB
26.6 %68th26.8 MB/s90th43.2 MB/s91st17.2 MB/s75th23 Months47th
Verbatim Store n Go V3 Max USB 3.0 16GB
The V3 MAX is Verbatim's 2013 upgrade to the Store n go range of high performance USB 3.0 Flash Drives. Verbatim have promised a blisteringly fast 175 Mbps read and ...
39.1 %43rd97.3 MB/s24th172 MB/s21st42.6 MB/s41st11 Months4th
SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 16GB
Sandisk had phenomenal success with the Sandisk Extreme which I reviewed nearly two years ago. The Extreme is still one of the best flash drives available. I had hig...
34.6 %51st41 MB/s73rd75.5 MB/s67th8.85 MB/s91st15 Months20th
Adata DashDrive UV128 USB 3.0 32GB
The new Adata Dashdrive UV128 has a performance profile that closely matches its older, and recently rebranded, Dashdrive Elite S102 Pro sibling. Comparing the two s...
51.1 %25th66.7 MB/s39th109 MB/s40th43.9 MB/s40th13 Months16th
Patriot Tab Micro USB 3.0 32GB
The Patriot Tab has a beautifully, compact and solid form factor. In many ways it's the USB 3.0 version of the hugely successful, but terribly slow USB 2.0 DataTrave...
46.6 %30th60.7 MB/s44th112 MB/s36th16 MB/s77th12 Months12th
Adata DashDrive Elite S102 Pro USB 3.0 64GB
The Adata Dashdrive Elite S102 Pro 64GB has proven to be a popular USB 3.0 flash drive. I did a full review of the 16GB version back in 2012 and little has changed s...
70.7 %8th67 MB/s38th105 MB/s42nd53.5 MB/s28th39 Months85th
72.6 %7th118 MB/s13th190 MB/s13th90 MB/s16th44 Months92nd
19.9 %80th14.2 MB/s93rd23.7 MB/s93rd6.93 MB/s93rd24 Months50th
Adata DashDrive UV150 USB 3.0 16GB
The 16GB DashDrive UV150 is a budget USB 3.0 drive from Adata. Unfortunately the performance profile is far more "budget" than the price. With sequential read/write ...
22.6 %76th32.1 MB/s83rd51.2 MB/s82nd20.5 MB/s69th11 Months4th
56.6 %21st73.9 MB/s33rd122 MB/s31st48 MB/s32nd20 Months32nd
33.8 %56th76.1 MB/s30th113 MB/s34th75.6 MB/s21st32 Months77th
Emtec C650 USB 3.0 16GB
The Emtec C650 is not particularly well made, the retractable mechanism feels cheap and the drive does not perform particularly well either. At this time there are f...
14.4 %88th29 MB/s88th44 MB/s90th24 MB/s58th27 Months53rd
Verbatim Store n Go V3 Max USB 3.0 64GB
The 16GB version of the V3 Max has good potential thanks to its outstanding read/write speeds of 175/80 MBps. At the 64GB and 32GB capacities the V3 Max is no longer...
64 %13th108 MB/s20th175 MB/s19th80 MB/s19th11 Months4th
69.3 %10th123 MB/s11th200 MB/s9th92 MB/s15th12 Months12th
46.2 %31st43.8 MB/s68th80 MB/s60th11 MB/s85th20 Months32nd
51.1 %24th75.8 MB/s31st113 MB/s34th74 MB/s22nd15 Months20th
Integral Neon USB 3.0 16GB
The Integral Neon is a cheap but not so cheerful drive. On the face of it the drive has an almost reasonable sequential read speed but it's still below average for a...
34.8 %50th41.3 MB/s71st75.1 MB/s68th10.9 MB/s87th20 Months32nd
Verbatim Store n Go V3 USB 3.0 64GB
25.7 %70th29 MB/s89th49.3 MB/s84th16 MB/s77th23 Months47th
Adata DashDrive UV150 USB 3.0 32GB
The 32GB DashDrive UV150 has an average performance profile for a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive. With sequential read/write speeds of 108/34 MBps the DashDrive favours re...
43.3 %37th69.3 MB/s36th108 MB/s41st55.8 MB/s25th11 Months4th
38.6 %45th49.2 MB/s54th84 MB/s53rd26 MB/s52nd13 Months16th
Patriot Supersonic Pulse USB 3.0 16GB
The SuperSonic Pulse is one of the smaller drives we have tested. This drive has excellent all round read performance and very poor all round write performance. An a...
30.4 %61st50.5 MB/s53rd93 MB/s48th12 MB/s82nd30 Months69th
SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 32GB
Having just done a review of the 16GB Sandisk Ultra which wasn't a great performer but still managed to represent reasonable value for money, I was expecting much th...
33.8 %55th36.1 MB/s77th65.9 MB/s76th8.45 MB/s92nd9 Months3rd
Super Talent Express DUO USB 3.0 16GB
The Express Duo was one of the first USB 3.0 drives to be mass produced, it has been in production for nearly two years. Benchmarks for the Express Duo are reasonabl...
13.9 %90th41.3 MB/s70th70 MB/s74th20 MB/s70th41 Months91st
Kingston DataTraveler Elite USB 3.0 16GB
The DataTraveler Elite has a very well-rounded performance profile and it excels in the area of small file (~4K) read/write speeds. With a headline sequential read/w...
31.6 %59th48.7 MB/s56th76 MB/s65th36 MB/s47th24 Months50th
Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 16GB
The 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager GT is an above average performer. With burst sequential read/write speeds of 130/24 MBps the GT has a reasonable large file performanc...
31 %60th73.6 MB/s34th130 MB/s28th24.4 MB/s57th21 Months38th
Mushkin Ventura Pro USB 3.0 64GB
44.5 %34th65.9 MB/s41st104 MB/s44th53.1 MB/s29th32 Months77th
Kingston DataTraveler Mini USB 3.0 16GB
The 16GB DataTraveler Mini 3.0 has a tiny form factor, manages passable read speeds and is priced aggressively. With sequential read/write speeds of 76/8.9 MB/s the ...
43.3 %36th41.1 MB/s72nd76 MB/s65th8.9 MB/s90th5 Months1st
Lacie XtremKey USB 3.0 32GB
33.4 %57th119 MB/s12th189 MB/s14th95 MB/s12th16 Months29th
Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate USB 3.0 16GB
The DataTraveler Ultimate excels not because of its headline sequential speeds but because of its respectable and very balanced performance. Regardless of the worklo...
21.6 %79th76.8 MB/s29th117 MB/s33rd69 MB/s23rd32 Months77th
Patriot Element USB 3.0 16GB
The Patriot Element is the second Micro USB 3.0 flash drive we have seen, unlike its predecessor, the PQI Micro USB, it was released in 2013. We had high hopes for t...
11.7 %91st20.8 MB/s92nd34.7 MB/s92nd11 MB/s85th15 Months20th
Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate G3 USB 3.0 64GB
This is the third incarnation of what was once kingston's flagship flash drive. This version has a full metal body and comes with a retractable head, an improvement ...
75.4 %4th112 MB/s17th180 MB/s16th84 MB/s17th15 Months20th
Mushkin Ventura USB 3.0 16GB
The Mushkin Ventura is the smallest USB 3.0 flash drive we have tested. There is no chance that this flash drive will obstruct adjacent ports on a computer as the dr...
14.3 %89th40.8 MB/s74th66 MB/s75th25 MB/s55th30 Months69th
PQI Intelligent Drive Micro USB 3.0 16GB
The PQI Micro is not a fast performer, in fact, it's the slowest USB 3.0 thumb drive we have reviewed to date and it's also considerably over priced. There is howeve...
8.96 %94th26.6 MB/s91st45.3 MB/s89th12.1 MB/s80th18 Months30th
CnMemory Evolution USB 3.0 16GB
11.3 %92nd41.5 MB/s69th70.3 MB/s73rd19.9 MB/s72nd29 Months64th
19.1 %83rd90.7 MB/s26th131 MB/s27th93.6 MB/s13th39 Months85th
41.6 %42nd33.3 MB/s81st45.9 MB/s87th36.8 MB/s46th27 Months53rd
Busbi Bolt USB 3.0 16GB
The Busbi Bolt is a good little flash drive. It is the smallest drive we have seen to date. We appreciate its low weight, small dimensions and solid build quality. T...
26.9 %66th35.1 MB/s78th54 MB/s81st26 MB/s52nd31 Months76th
Intenso Speed Line USB 3.0 16GB
The Intenso Speed Line has a slightly below average performance profile for a USB 3.0 thumb drive but it is priced extremely aggressively making it excellent value f...
42.8 %38th45.6 MB/s64th81 MB/s58th19 MB/s73rd29 Months64th
Kingston DataTraveler 111 USB 3.0 16GB
There are no read/write speeds on any of the official documentation for this drive, usually a pretty clear signal, and an accurate one in this case. I don't have thi...
24.2 %74th31.6 MB/s84th56.1 MB/s80th11.2 MB/s84th20 Months32nd
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